6 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Ring

6 Tips for Choosing the Best Wedding Ring

Wedding ring shopping is an exciting moment as it takes you to the next level of your relationship. 

A wedding ring is both a reminder of your commitment to your spouse and a signal to others that 

you’re taken. 

If you’ve been to a few weddings, you may have heard the bride and groom say their vows and then 

exchange rings.  They probably said something along these lines: “I give you this ring as a symbol of 

my love. May it be a reminder that I am always by your side and that I’ll always be faithful to you.” 

A wedding band is a physical reminder of the vows and promises made on the wedding day. To find 

the best wedding ring, here are a few tips to keep in mind.

Comfort & Ring Size

You’ll be wearing the wedding band every day, so it’s important to buy one that fits you comfortably. 

Keep in mind the changing seasons and different circumstances you may go through in life, such as 

pregnancy, weight gain or weight loss, and moving to an area with a different climate. Heat, cold, water 

retention, and weight gain or loss will make you finger swell or contract.

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To find the right ring size, do your ring sizing when your body temperature is normal. Never have your 

ring sizing right after exercise, in the morning when you just wake up, or when you’re really hot or cold. 

It’s always better to get a size that is comfortable and not too tight, as it is easier to size down the ring 

later on.

Be Practical

If you work a lot with your hands, get a ring that will not interfere with your work. You may want to avoid 

gemstones or diamonds in your ring that can come loose and also often trap dirt. If you’re a mechanic or 

construction worker, it is recommended not to wear your ring during work in order to not damage the metal. 

If you’re very active or have a job that requires lifting and handling products, platinum and gold are good 

options. Platinum is a very durable metal and gold is a hard metal that does not get scratched easily. Silver 

is a softer metal so it is more susceptible to scratches.

How will it Look With Your Engagement Ring?

Try on the wedding ring with your engagement ring to see if it pairs well, and make sure the bands are 

similar in width. Consider if you want a plain wedding band or diamonds included. You may also want to 

go with a band that interlocks with the diamond on your engagement ring so that there is no visible gap 

between the bands.

There are different types of metals to consider as well – white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, mixed gold, 

platinum, silver, titanium, and so on. You can get the same metal as your engagement ring or a metal 

that compliments your ring. Talk with your jeweler about wedding ring options that will work well with 

your engagement ring. For tips on engagement ring shopping, see the blog post, “Top 8 Tips for 

Engagement Ring Shopping.” 

To Match or Not to Match?

If you want your wedding rings to match, the best thing to do is to go shopping together. Try on the rings 

together to see if the styles and colors match well. Although, as a side note, matching is completely optional. 

Some couples choose to get a style and color that fits their personal style and preferences. You don’t have 

to have matching bands if you don’t want to.

Gold, Silver, or Platinum?

The most popular and preferred metal for wedding rings is gold. Gold comes in different colors (white, 

yellow, rose, and mixed), and it is more delicate and keeps its shine longer than other metals.  Silver is 

the most affordable choice, but it is a softer metal that is prone to scratches and loses its shine quicker. 

Platinum is a hard and heavy metal, which makes it very durable. More men’s wedding bands are made 

with platinum compared to women’s wedding bands. Platinum is naturally hypoallergenic and a great

choice if you have skin sensitivities.  There are other metals available as well, but gold, silver, and platinum 

are the most popular metals for wedding bands.


Purchase your rings from a trusted jeweler to ensure good quality and authenticity. To find a trusted jeweler, 

check if they are accredited by the Jewelers of America or members of the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

If you’re looking for accredited jewelers near you, GIA has a search by zip code option where you can find 

trusted jewelers near you.  Once you buy the wedding bands, treat the rings with the appropriate care they 

require to maintain the quality of the ring.

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