Keeping Kids Entertained at Your Wedding

Keeping Kids Entertained at Your Wedding


Whether or not you choose to invite kids to your wedding is a decision you’ll have to make as a

couple. Some parents may have a difficult time finding a babysitter, so it may help if you have

babysitting services offered on-site at the ceremony and/or reception, although this is completely

optional. If you have a lot of guests who have kids and plan to bring them to the wedding, it’s always

a good idea to have a simple entertainment plan for the kids. A fun plan for the kids will keep them

busy and out of trouble. This will also give parents a break so they can sit back and enjoy the wedding,

and they’ll be pleasantly surprised when they find out you have activities planned for the kids.




So if you choose to include kids in the invite, depending on the number of kids attending, you’ll need

to hire or designate a few babysitters to watch the kids and keep them entertained. Listed below are

tons of ideas on how to keep kids entertained during a wedding. Feel free to pick and choose what

activities will be the best fit for your wedding and remember to keep it simple. Consider your budget

when planning out activities. Some activities, like a photo booth or jump house, may be over your

budget, but the good news is that there are so many fun, alternative, budget-friendly activities to

choose from.


Kid-Friendly Snacks and Food


If possible, designate a separate table just for kids and have kid-friendly snacks available, such as

Capri-Sun or Honest Juice, goldfish or other types of crackers, and cookies. Serving kid-friendly food

is also a great idea, since some kids are picky eaters, and you don’t want them to go the whole day

without food. Pizza is always a popular choice for kids, or you can also ask your caterer if they offer

kid-friendly meals as well.


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Kid Activities at the Table


There are many activities to keep kids busy at the table, such as word searches, coloring pages, activity

books, and small crafts. Some online websites offer free printables, such as this Wedding-Themed Word

Search Puzzle or this “I Do” Activity Book. Don’t forget to buy crayons or coloring pencils, and avoid

getting markers or paint since you don’t want the kids to stain or mark up their wedding clothes and venue



Puzzle Maker allows you to create your own custom word search puzzle for free. You can also download

wedding-themed coloring pages and host a coloring contest for the kids.

Etsy sells a variety of wedding-themed children’s activity books to keep kids entertained and busy for some

time: Our Wedding Day Activity Book or this wedding-themed Kids Activity Book.  


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Photo Booth Fun


Rent a photo booth and include fun props for kids to goof around. Kids love to play pretend, so having a

photo booth with props will allow them to showcase their imagination and silly side.


Game Room


If your venue has a playroom or a separate room you can reserve, use it as a game room and/or crafts

room. For younger kids that have lots of energy, include activities where they can jump and play around,

such as jump ropes, hula-hoops, a small basketball hoop, or a ping pong table. Keep in mind the size of

the room and the space available for these activities. If the room is small, you may opt to watching a movie

and have small activities on hand, such as books, board games, small toys, and/or crafts.


Fun Crafts for Kids


There are lots of fun crafts for kids to make, but keep it simple and stick to crafts that won’t make a huge

mess. Although there are tons of ideas online, a few of my wedding favorites include: having kids make

their own decorated picture frames, have kids make cute signs for the couple, set up a coloring or drawing

contest, or have a cupcake decorating craft station for each kid.


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Outdoor Activities for Kids


If your wedding is outdoors, lawn games and activities such as tag, twister, cornhole, and lawn bowling will

keep kids entertained for hours. You may also have jump ropes and hula-hoops available as well. Bubbles

provide classic fun for younger kids, and a bounce house can provide loads of fun. As a side note, get the

okay from your venue before renting out a bounce house.


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Indoor and/or Outdoor Activities


Jenga, Twister, and Connect4 are games suitable for indoors or outdoors. You can also get creative and

come up with items to include in an indoor or outdoor treasure hunt, but it all depends on your venue and

the rules and space designated for guests. Check with your venue before setting up any activities or games

to make sure you are following the rules. You don’t want to set up the day of and then get disappointed when

you find out a certain activity is not allowed at the venue or you don’t have the resources available to accomplish

the activity.


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