Top 5 Wedding Day Regrets from Real Brides

Top 5 Wedding Day Regrets From Real Brides


Every bride wants her wedding day to be perfect, and a lot of time and effort is put forth to create

the dream wedding. However, some things go unplanned or unforseen and result in mistakes,

misunderstandings, and lessons learned.


Some of the best advice I’ve received is to enjoy your wedding day even if things do not go as planned.

You’ve spent so much time, money, and effort on the big day – the best you can do is enjoy it. Remember, at

the end of the day – you’re marrying the love of your life!


I asked real brides what was one thing they regretted or wished was different on their wedding day.

Here’s what they said:


#1. Pictures And Video


Across the board, the biggest bridal regret is not hiring a professional photographer and videographer.

The quality is not the best and you jeopardize having key moments missed.



“I wish my photographer took portraits of just me and then of my husband. We have great pictures but

not much pictures of us individually.”


“I wish I hired a professional videographer for my wedding. I thought having professional pictures would

be enough but video brings on a whole different dimension and captures some moments that pictures

cannot capture, like the first dance and exchanging vows.”


“I regret saving money on a cheaper photographer. I should have gotten one that fit my style more.”


“The wedding day flew by so fast. I wish I hired a videographer to capture all the moments I missed and

the highlights of my wedding day.”


How to Avoid:

Remember all the details you invest in and how much time and money is spent on planning your wedding

day. You don’t want to forget the special moments. Hire a professional photographer – you won’t regret it.


When you meet with your photographer before the wedding, be specific on what kinds of pictures you

want (portraits, decor, details of the wedding day, etc.) and with whom (family members, friends,

grandparents, and so on).


Photographers have different styles. Find a photographer that fits your style and budget.


Hire a professional videographer to capture your wedding day emotions, reactions, vows, toasts, first

dance, and so on.


#2 Personal Moments and Details

Many brides wish they had incorporated more personal moments in their wedding day to make it more

memorable, special, and intimate. By worrying or stressing on the wedding day, they were not able to

fully enjoy their wedding because some things did not go as planned. Others regretted not planning or

considering the personal moments when planning out the wedding schedule.


“I would have planned out the first look better. There were too many people around for that moment

and it didn’t feel as intimate.”


“I regret not doing something more intimate like exchanging our own vows and not having our bridal

party plan out the toasts beforehand.”


“I would make it more personal and socialize more with the guests. I would come up and talk to people

instead of sitting at the table most of the time.”


“When I got married, I didn’t want to have drama with my future in-laws so I went along with what they

wanted. Now that I’m a little older, I would not be scared to go along with my own ideas and make my

wedding a dream come true.”


How to Avoid:

Talk with your Day of Coordinator or Wedding MC ahead of time and plan on incorporating more personal

moments during the wedding, such as bridal party toasts, socializing with the guests, and a thank you speech

from the bride and groom to the wedding guests.


Write a letter to your soon-to-be husband/wife and have him/her open it before the first look on your wedding day.


Schedule the toasts and first dance in the beginning of the reception to ensure you have everyone’s attention.

Write your own personal vows to exchange during the ceremony.


#3 Day-of Coordinator


Many brides regret not hiring a day-of coordinator or designating someone to make sure the wedding day runs smoothly

and to keep track of the time and schedule.

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“My biggest regret was not hiring a day of coordinator. There were so many little details I did not think about and last

minute decisions I had to make, such as making sure the vendors knew where to set everything up, fixing catering

issues during the reception, and keeping track of time to make sure everything was on schedule.”


“My family and I stayed at a hotel, and the morning of the wedding we totally forgot to include time for checking out of

the hotel and a plan on where to store our suitcases. We ended up coming late to the ceremony and everyone was

waiting on us. This also delayed the schedule and caused stress and frustration. I wish I had a day of coordinator to

help pack everything up, take care of the suitcases, and keep track of time. Time flew by so fast; it would have helped

to have someone monitor the schedule.”


How to Avoid:

Hire a day-of coordinator to take care of all the pressing questions and needs that come up on the wedding day.

The last thing you want is to stress out on your wedding day, trying to please your guests instead of having a good

time. In short, a day-of coordinator works with all the vendors a month or two before the wedding and on the wedding

day to ensure everyone is on the same page and sticks to the schedule. Hiring a day-of coordinator will reduce your

stress and remove the burden off of other people such as your parents or friends.


If you can’t afford to hire a day-of coordinator, designate a reliable person to handle emergencies, help the wedding

run smoothly, and step in when unexpected things come up.


Check if your venue has coordinator services included in the package. If yes, meet with the coordinator your venue is

providing and find out exactly what they do and don’t do.


Choose a wedding coordinator that is reliable and will stick to your agenda and requests. Look at the day-of coordinator’s

reviews and ratings before hiring them.


#4 Hair and Makeup


On your wedding day, you will be the center of attention and a celebrity for the day. Your cheeks will hurt from smiling in

never-ending pictures. Everyone will want to take pictures of you and with you.


Many brides regret going with a certain hair or makeup style, or not doing their research and hiring an unprofessional

makeup artist or friend to save money. You’ll want to look your best on the wedding day, so go with someone who is

professional and reliable.


“One thing I regret is not doing more research before hiring the makeup artist and hair styler.”


“My biggest regret was getting a spray tan three days before my wedding. It made me look so dark that I didn’t

look like myself. So every night I was showering and using a salt scrub on my skin to get the spray tan less visible.”


“I regret not going with a professional makeup artist. It’s so worth the extra cost. It’s also important to test out

the look before the wedding day to make sure it matches your face.”


How to Avoid:


Find a good hair and makeup professional that fits your style. Ask previous brides whom they would recommend.


Schedule a hair and makeup trial appointment to see how the style looks before your wedding day.


Don’t try a new look on your wedding day that you have not tested out in advance.


Go with a natural look that stands the test of time instead of a current trend.


#5 Décor


Some brides regret skimming on the table centerpieces or not being specific with their decor vendor and florist.

“I wish I had more flowers and décor everywhere.”


“Not seeing my reception hall before my wedding caused me to worry a lot about because I had no idea how it would

look until I walked into the reception hall. My interior designer forgot to put chair covers on the stage and that irritated

me and made me wonder how it would look in pictures.”


“I wish I was more specific with my décor lady. I wanted more florals and greenery for the centerpieces and was

disappointed it did not turn out the way I had planned.”


How to Avoid:


Bring pictures to your meeting or send them via email/text to your décor vendor or florist when planning your

décor and florals.


Ask your florist what flowers will be in season on your wedding day.


Be specific with what you want included in your decorations and florals.


Hire a day-of coordinator to make sure the ceremony and reception hall is ready and decorated as planned, or

designate someone reliable to check for you.


Look at the florist or décor vendors’ portfolios and past work to see which one best fits your style and budget.


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