The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Wedding Planner


Should you or should you not hire a wedding planner? Each bride has her own opinion, and it depends

on circumstances and personal preferences. Take a look at the pros and cons listed below to help you

make the right decision.  




You Don’t Have to Hire a Full-Scale Wedding Planner


A wedding planner only handles what you want them to. Hiring a full-scale wedding planner is expensive

for many brides, especially when there are so many other costs involved. However, if you need assistance

in a certain area, such as finding a venue, help planning out décor, or assistance on the wedding day, a

wedding planner can offer lots of help. A full-service wedding planner offers services such as: selecting a

venue, creating save the dates and wedding invites, procuring linens, silverware, flatware and flowers,

organizing table seating, communicating with vendors, returning items to vendors, assisting on the wedding

day, and sending out thank you notes.[1]


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It’s Recommended to Hire a Day-of Wedding Coordinator


If you don’t want to hire a wedding planner and feel like you can plan the wedding on your own, it is still

recommended to hire a day-of wedding coordinator to help you about a month before the wedding and  

on the wedding day. While a wedding planner may assist you throughout the planning and preparation

process, a wedding coordinator usually assists you a few weeks before your wedding and on the wedding





According to Bridal Guide, a day-of coordinator costs $800 – $2,600 depending on the region, the planner’s

experience, and the specifics of the wedding. A day-of coordinator not only helps on the day of the wedding,

but usually also assists a few weeks before the big day. The coordinator works with all vendors to make sure

they are on the same page, confirms details with each vendor, organizes and assists with the schedule for

the wedding day, and takes care of other details on the wedding day. The day-of coordinator will make sure

vendors arrive on time, the refreshments table is set up, and décor details are as planned.[2]Instead of

burdening your family members or friends with tasks on the wedding day, they can sit back, relax, and enjoy

the special day with you.


Assistance with Choosing Vendors


Depending on the venue you choose, some venues include day-of coordinators or wedding planners in thor

food, dessert and/or cake, décor, various rentals, music, and so on. Experienced wedding planners know the

best vendors out there and those that offer decent e package or may offer other services on the spot. If you

want to choose your own vendors though, there’s a lot of research to do – you’ll need a vendor fprices.

In addition to choosing vendors, wedding planners can help communicate with the vendors, inform you of

what to look for in a vendor (or what kinds of questions to ask each vendor), and assist with reading and

understanding vendors’ contracts, so you don’t have to do the boring and time-consuming work!



A Wedding Planner Will Save You Time


Wedding planning on your own feels like a part-time job. If you work long hours and have a demanding job,

you will have very limited time to research vendors, plan and confirm details, set up appointments, meet

with each vendor, and read contracts. If you only have a few months to plan your wedding and are worried

you won’t have enough time and energy to handle all the tasks, consider hiring a wedding planner.



A Wedding Planner Can Help with Costs


Planners know a ballpark of most wedding service costs and can better spot when vendors are asking for

too much. They can also help you find vendors that fit within your budget. You’ll be surprised how much

vendor’s vary in price. Experienced vendors usually charge a higher amount compared to vendors who

are just starting off.


Wedding Planning is Stressful


With all the details that come in wedding planning, not everything is fun and exciting. Sure, dress shopping

and choosing décor will probably be fun, but when it comes to planning a seating chart, keeping track of

payments, and reading contracts you probably won’t be as excited. All the final details and arrangements

are confirmed about a month before the wedding day. This can be an especially stressful time as you juggle

to get things done. Including a professional wedding planner can help take some of the tasks and stress

off your plate.





It’s an Additional Cost


If you’re tight on your budget, a wedding planner may not be in your top list of priorities. In this case, you can

enlist friends and family to help out, and I’m sure most would be happy and honored to help out on your big day.  


Trusting the Wedding Planner


Some brides may have a difficult time trusting a wedding planner they don’t know with planning their wedding.

If you’re a perfectionist or feel like you won’t be able to communicate with or trust your wedding planner, you

can plan everything out yourself. Although, as mentioned earlier, a wedding planner only handles what you

want them to and keeps you in the loop and informed where needed. Therefore, you have a say in what areas

you need help and still have control over your wedding planning.


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Some Venues Have Services Included


If the venue you choose already has a day-of-coordinator included or other services and vendors on the spot,

a wedding planner may not be necessary. If your venue includes a wedding planner or day-of coordinator make

sure to use this helpful resource.


[1] Each full-service wedding planner has his/her own list of specific services offered. The services listed above are examples of some of the general services that many full-service wedding planners include.

[2] Each day-of coordinator has his/her list of specific services offered.


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