Wedding Dress Shopping: Say “Yes” To The Perfect Dress!

Wedding Dress Shopping: Say “Yes” to the Perfect Dress!

One of the best and most thrilling parts of preparing for your big day is wedding dress shopping. When you try on a 

wedding dress, it feels more real than ever – you’re going to be a bride soon! A flood of emotions covers you as you 

imagine walking down the aisle in the beautiful white dress. All eyes are on you, and you look stunning! Every bride 

wants to feel and look the most beautiful on her wedding day. Here are a few things you should know before you 

say “yes” to the dress: 

1. Do Research to Find Out What You Like.

There are so many unique dresses out there; try to narrow down your style and think about what wedding dress 

silhouette will fit you best. There are many different dress silhouettes: ball gown, A-line, trumpet, mermaid, sheath, 

and tea-length, to name a few. If you’re wondering which silhouette best fits your body shape, check out

Wedding Gowns 101: Learn the Silhouettes by Bridal Guide.

2. Save Dress Photos for Inspiration 

Save photos of your favorite dresses so that when you go dress shopping, you can show the consultant the style 

you’re looking for.  

3. Shop Early

It’s best to go dress shopping 6-8 months before your wedding day. Most dresses take an average of 3-5 months to 

arrive after you place your order, and you will need time for alterations and dress fittings to make sure the dress fits 

perfectly on you. 

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4. Book an Appointment. 

Some salons have walk-in services, but it’s best to schedule an appointment so you’re guaranteed a consultant will 

be able to assist you and answer all your questions. If possible, avoid booking an appointment on a Saturday, which 

is the busiest day of the week for dress salons. 

5. Wear/Bring Heels to the Appointment.

If you plan to wear heals on your wedding day, bring a pair of similar heels to the dress fitting to get a better idea of 

how the dress will look.

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6. Don’t Forget the Tailoring and Accessories Costs

Keep your budget in mind when dress shopping. According to, dress alterations can cost anywhere from 

$150 to $700, depending if it’s a per-service charge or a flat fee that covers everything. Don’t forget your accessories 

as well: dress undergarments, a veil, jewelry, and shoes. If you plan to wear a veil, try one on to see how it matches 

with your dress and make sure it’s the same color, as there are different shades of white.

7. Try on a Lot of Dresses

Be prepared to try on a lot of dresses. Usually the first dress you try on is not “the one,” and you also want to give 

yourself a few options to choose from before picking a dress. Try on different styles to see which one looks best on 

you. Also, schedule an appointment with a few shops since each shop has unique dresses that they carry. Don’t rush 

into a decision, and give yourself some time to think. If you can’t decide on a dress, narrow down to your top three 

choices and go with the one you feel most happy in.

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