Wedding Etiquette: Can a Wedding Guest Wear White?

Wedding Etiquette: Can a Wedding Guest Wear White?


Is it okay to wear a white or ivory colored dress to a wedding? Most people would say no. One of the rules

you should follow as a guest is to not wear white to a wedding. Wearing a white dress when you are not the

bride is considered disrespectful. Why risk taking attention off of the bride on one of the biggest days of her

life? You also don’t want someone to mistaken you as the bride.



From someone who’s been to over 15 weddings, I have been surprised that at a handful of weddings, I have

seen one or two guests wear white. I’m sure these guests don’t intend to take away attention from the bride,

and they may not realize that wearing white as a wedding guest is frowned upon. If you want to avoid being

that clueless guest that wonders why everyone is giving them a weird stare, avoid wearing white to a wedding.



Even if the bride says she is okay with you wearing white, other guests may find it rude and inappropriate. Think

of all the other festive colors you can wear to a wedding. Also don’t forget to follow the dress code listed on the

invite or on the couple’s wedding website.



There are three exceptions to wearing white:


1. Your outfit is only partially white and includes other patterns and colors.


2. The couple requests that their wedding guests wear white. This is rare but has  happened in the past.


3. You’re a bridesmaid and the bride chose white or ivory colored dresses for the bridesmaids.


That said, save the cute white dress for a different occasion and avoid all the awkward stares and unneeded

attention. If you want to be the best guest, make sure to read, Wedding Etiquette Rules Every Guest Should Know.


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