Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Videographer


Throughout life, we take videos of moments we consider special and worthwhile. We capture our birthdays,

road trips with friends, family vacations, and holiday celebrations. Wouldn’t you find it important to capture the

once-in-a-lifetime day, your wedding day?


Reliving your wedding day through video will give you another reason to celebrate love and remind you of the

commitments you made to one another. You can invite friends, family, or your bridal party and remember the

moments that made you laugh and cry – the precious moments you want to remember for the rest of your life.


Here’s seven reasons why you should hire a wedding videographer:


1. Capture the Emotions


Your vows, first dance, wedding toasts, and music – these are all crucial parts to your wedding day that a

photographer can’t capture the way a videographer would. Your vows will be a reminder of your commitment to

one another. You’ll smile as you re-watch your first look, your guests’ reactions when you walked down the aisle,

and your bridal party’s wedding toasts.



2. Create a Short Recap Video


In addition to the full wedding video, your videographer may offer to create a short recap video that highlights your

wedding from start to finish. A short recap video is perfect for sharing with your friends on social media and you

can watch it over and over again.


3. The Wedding Day Flies By


Too many brides say, “I wish I hired a videographer because the day flew by so fast!” You spent an average of 7-12

months planning your wedding day and when the day finally comes, it can be surprising how fast it flies by. There are

a lot of details you will miss or moments you will forget.



4. Share With Your Family and Friends


With the social media platforms available today, you can easily share your wedding video online (as an example, YouTube

or Vimeo). You may have family members who live in a different country or for various reasons were unable to make it to

your wedding. Watching your wedding video gives them a chance to see all the big moments and feel like they were actually there.  


5. Relive the Memories


Invite your wedding party over and watch the wedding video together, or watch it every year for your anniversary. Either way,

you’ll have a good time as you relive one of the happiest days of your life. If you have kids, they may be interested in watching

your wedding video as well. Image how fun it would be to have a family night and watch your wedding video! Your kids would

get a chance to see how you looked and acted when you were younger and how in love you two were.



6. Photography is Not Enough


Hiring a photographer is a must for your wedding day, but some people make the mistake of skipping out on a videographer.

Video opens up a whole different dimension that photos can’t capture. There are moments during the wedding that a photographer

cannot fully capture, such as the wedding vows and bridal party toasts, the music, dance moves, and performances during the



7. A Video Captures the Things You Did Not See


Your wedding day will pass by in a blur, and there will be moments you’ll miss or forget about. This is another reason why

capturing your wedding day is so important. So much detail, hard work, time and money has gone into your wedding day.

As someone commented, “If you’re going to spend so much money in one day, don’t you want to relive it through video?!”


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